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Education done differently by Jen Buchanan

By fsa admin | April 14, 2020

I often tell the story of an experience I had whilst living in India. It is early one morning and I’m heading to the markets in Calcutta to go buy some fruit. On my walk I pass a group of young children sitting on the side of the street. They are filthy, barefooted and wearing scraps…


Culture Change by David Runge

By fsa admin | April 1, 2020

Culture Change by David Runge. Our observations about school transformation is that much of the learning required for a school to evolve is of an adaptive nature, that is it requires mental models, world-views and ways of working to be reimagined alongside other complex changes.  One of the key challenges we see is that many schools…

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By fsa admin | March 11, 2020

#NOATAR2020 In the final weeks of Term 1, Peter Hutton spoke with several media outlets including an appearance with Ellen Fanning on The Drum. In his conversation Peter highlighted the urgent need for the cancelling of ATAR for 2020. Peter explained,”with everything else that is going on in the world isn’t the ATAR one issue…

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Shifting the conversation from the 21st Century skills

By Neil Gowran | February 28, 2019

In recent discussions about shifting the conversation from 21st Century skills towards a deeper understanding of the capacities young people need in a changing world, we found ourselves contemplating imagination, intuition, complexity and practical wisdom. What if schooling was set up to incorporate these elements – or even to allow them to be central to…