Collectively, FSA member schools design future focussed education.

Join a movement of schools who are focussed on innovation and transformation.

Our Offering

We invite you to join an alliance of innovative schools who collectively are seeking to shape the future of education.

The Future Schools Alliance:

  • Provides stretch, provocation, critical reflection to open-up new ways of thinking about education that supports innovation.
  • Helps extend your strategic thought by providing tools, methods and support to frame the direction of innovation that fits your context.
  • Supports you to contextually, transform culture and deliver innovation, whilst retaining full autonomy.

We support not prescribe.

School Membership

Onsite and Online Collaboration 

An FSA convener(s) will attend your school and work with you to explore HOW innovative practice and the 8 School Transformational Principals can be applied within your context.


Access FSA Future of Education workshops and conferences.


Collaborate with global thought leaders and explore how their work could be applied to your setting.


Work alongside other progressive educational leaders who are innovating in their schools and are making a meaningful contribution to global education.


Access and contribute to the Case for Change and other resources in the FSA innovation hub.