Equip yourself for the journey

The FSA travels with you to transform your education community: ​

  • Virtual conferencing with FSA convenors to accelerate your innovation journey, providing stretch, provocation and critical reflection to open up new ways of thinking about education
  • Innovation self-audit tool using 8 school transformation principles, extending your strategic thought by providing support to frame the direction of innovation that fits your context.
  • Promotion of your transformation journey, supporting your to contextually transform culture and deliver innovation whilst retaining full autonomy.
  • Member of FSA alliance schools, travelling with other progressive educational leaders who are innovating in their schools and are making a meaningful contribution to global education.
  • Connections with other FSA leaders via state gatherings, tours of innovative schools in the FSA network and invitation to join FSA international study tours
  • Discounted rates to our professional learning suite Adaptive EDge

FSA travels with you to transform your school



Supporting you to create future
focused learning environments.


Culture Fsa

Collaborate with like-minded innovative educational leaders.


Innovation Fsa

Professional learning to accelerate your school transformation.