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About the FSA

The FSA is a group of like-minded member schools, committed to significantly improving the lives of young people around the world by transforming an outdated education system.

How we do it

Based on proven methodologies and supported by the latest research, the FSA provides guidance and professional support to School Leadership Teams on the specifics of HOW to transform existing well-functioning schools into unique, future focused learning communities. The collaborative process is guided by current and former Principals, themselves experienced in the implementation of successful innovation in schools, with the aim of genuinely equipping all students for times of exponential change.

“School Leaders want to change, know they need to change, but often don’t know HOW to change.”
FSA Member Principal

Collegial Support

Change is too hard to do alone. Share the journey and the load with other progressive colleagues.

Build Your Leadership Capital

Link personally with world thought leaders in education and be supported to build your leadership profile.

Innovation Audits

Receive detailed feedback and suggestions around current school practices and readiness for change.


A Critical Friend

Receive critical and constructive feedback and suggestions on your planned innovations from current and past school leaders who have innovated themselves.

Staff and Board Liaison

Leading the Staff and Board through a change process can be challenging. The FSA offers you support in clarifying your message.

A Case for Change

You have unlimited use of over 120 slides with up to date research and data to help build a case for change with students, parents, staff, board and the wider community.

“What you are doing is not only to create better education for the children in your schools, but also a powerful example for the rest of the world.”
Professor Yong Zhao to FSA Member Schools 23MAY18

The Team

School Leaders are the true heroines and heroes of education. We help them to shine.


Peter Hutton

Director and Past Principal Templestowe College

Peter has been a School Leader in four state and independent schools for 20 years. His strength is transformational insight and HOW to implement change in schools. Additional areas of expertise include; change management, student entrepreneurship, alternative tertiary pathways, supporting dyslexic students

Peter was appointed Principal of Templestowe College (TC) in 2009. It was a broken school with just 286 local students and 23 year sevens. Today TC has over 1150 students and was recently recognised as one of the most innovative schools in the world. As a person with dyslexia, Peter sees the world differently, and has spent his life challenging assumptions and conventions. Drawing on the latest research and his unique experiences at TC, Peter is committed to significantly improving the lives of young people by transforming the education system to equip students for times of exponential change.

Ted X – Peter Hutton (16min) 200K+ views

Modern Learners Podcast #37 – Revolutionizing Education Through Student Empowerment (23min)

60 Minutes – Can Do Better (14min)


Bruce Simons

Executive Consultant and Past Principal of the Hamilton and Alexandra College

Bruce has been a transformational School Leader for 18 years. His expertise is in strategic planning and school repositioning. Additional areas of expertise include; Executive Educational Search, School Governance, Leadership Mentoring, Corporate Fundraising and Philanthropic Development.

Bruce rejuvenated The Hamilton and Alexandra College from a languishing school to a leading light of rural education. A born educator, Bruce has been an innovative mathematics teacher, textbook writer, School Reviewer, Board Chair and School Leader in Australia and internationally.


David Runge

“The Futures Guy”

David has held several roles in three independent schools for 13 years including Head of Boarding at Ballarat Grammar School. He is a leader in future thinking in Australian Education.

Additional areas of expertise include; Positive Education, boarding, wellbeing and student engagement.

David’s educational leadership and boarding experience provides him with a wealth of contemporary knowledge and a unique insight into what truly transformational schools can look like. He worked alongside Marty Seligman in the development of the Pos Ed program at Geelong Grammar School, contributes regularly to the educational debate and has spoken at a range of Educational Conferences around Australia.

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