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Together we are shaping the evolving future of education

The FSA supports schools to innovate!

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Embracing and harnessing your leadership insight

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Building innovation capability within your context

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Supporting you to create future focused learning environments

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Growing agile and adaptive learning communities

“If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow.”




Let’s start a conversation about igniting innovation within your school.


Spark your change leadership journey, get connected and start innovating.


My experience as a member of the FSA has been incredibly rewarding and has provided me with the unique support needed in a context of establishing a new and highly innovative school.

Stephanie McConnell , Principal, Lindfield Learning Village

FSA has provided us with the encouragement to look over the horizon and then reflect on how we are preparing our students to be future ready. With their ongoing support, we are redesigning how we ‘do school.’

Leanne Lesic , Kempsey Adventist School

“What you are doing is to not only create better education for the children in your schools, but also a powerful example for the rest of the world.”

Prof. Yong Zhao , FSA Member Schools

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Thanks so much to the FSA community for rising to the challenge to recruit 100 followers within a week!
We really want to share cutting edge practice from our schools and inspire change. Let's set the new benchmark or 200 in two weeks. Please share...
BTW if you have links to schools doing innovative things please post
A thought from the staffroom. When it comes to school evolution, could this be the new normal.
Thank you to all those who have liked the new FSA page. Our aim is to provide an avenue to share the inspiring work happening in our 35+ FSA schools, to provide prospective school communities with a glimpse into what it is like being part of an FSA school, and to share some great educational ideas. 
We want this to eventually be a springboard for other Pages that can be started and operated by students and/or staff 
 from member schools to better support interaction BETWEEN schools. Hopefully we will end up with various FSA Pages perhaps based on areas of interest for example FSA - Animals, FSA - Sustainability, FSA - Techie Stuff. 
Can we encourage you to spread the word about this page, particularly if you are part of an FSA school. If you have something to share or a success story to tell, please pass it along and we will selectively re-post. 
Whilst the page has a small following at present, we reached 50 likes relatively quickly, lets make it 100 within a week. Join a movement and together lets build an education system where ALL students can experience success!
Exploring how our assumptions about education could be holding back innovation.
Many schools have reported that the first week of term 2 was quite disjointed, with Easter Monday, a PD day for many schoosl and then Anzac Day. Fingers crossed we can all settle down for what is so often considered to be the business term, where lots of work gets done. 

If you have not already done so, perhaps now is the time to identify your 2 or 3 innovation agendas for this year and reach out to other FSA schools and work on them together. Great idea sharing as well as networking.