Future Schools brings together some of the most innovative educators and schools worldwide to explore and demonstrate what is possible in education.

As an Innovation Partner, we are dedicated to supporting you in bringing your future-focused vision to life. We offer ongoing guidance and coaching to help you navigate and advance your strategic initiatives. We provide practical advice and insights, drawn from our experts and extensive network of global thought leaders in education. Our Innovation Partners enjoy innovative solutions and encouragement as we reimagine what is possible.

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In this report, we explore seven of the schools we visited during our latest international tour. These seven California-based schools each offer a unique approach to education, focusing on innovation, design thinking, hands-on learning, and personal development.

We work closely with Principals, Boards, Deputy Principals, and Heads of Departments who need support in bringing to life their vision for innovation and whole school progress. 

Come and join a vibrant network of innovative and future-focused schools.

Our membership supports over 100 future-focused schools in Australia. We are a growing community where like-minded educators share resources, gain support, and connect with each other to bring positive and lasting change to their schools.

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We need an education system that, alongside core literacy and numeracy development, teaches students to think critically, problem-solve, collaborate and most importantly, be resilient and adaptable.

In our latest whitepaper, we have included a number of frameworks and tools that have been useful in supporting teams, leaders, schools, departments, associations and governing bodies progress change in their areas of influence.

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Watch our series of short round-table discussions between Macquarie College, d.school from Stanford, and Future Schools on the benefits and impact of Design Thinking.

"Since listening to this book it has lingered. Filled with authentic scenarios, I really enjoyed the carefully curated storytelling as a way to learn and ponder." - Pip Cleaves (Deputy Principal, Strategic Initiatives)

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Understanding the True Impact of Culture

The world is changing rapidly - unfortunately, the majority of organisations do not have the culture they need to effectively deal with the complexities that they are facing.

This paper provides a unique yet proven framework and set of tools to equip your organisation at the highest level - the Board.

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