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Understanding the True Impact of Organisational Culture.

The world is changing rapidly, again! Unfortunately, the majority of organisations do not have the culture they need to effectively deal with the complexities that they are facing.

This paper provides a unique, yet proven, framework and set of tools to equip your organisation at the highest level - the Board.

We explore:

  • critical questions to help you gauge where your pain points at a cultural level truly are,
  • processes to build that capacity, and
  • how to best leverage the relationship between the Board and the executive team to create sustainable and positive change.

Without being able to identify what cultural levers you need to pull in order to align and advance your organisation, the rate of ever-evolving complexity will hold your organisation at its current level of growth and effectiveness.

After working with hundreds of leaders and organisations across Education, Business, and Not-for-Profit, we know that the organisations that take the steps to evolve their culture and work through the critical stages outlined in this paper, not only grow but also enhance their working relationships and environment.

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Adaptive Edge

Workshops and Programs

Dave’s educational leadership experience provide schools with a wealth of contemporary knowledge, unique insights, and identifying pathways forward.

Dave has guided schools and delivered innovative solutions across Australia and overseas working alongside executive leadership teams, boards, associations, and educational organisations. 

School and Board offerings:

  • Leading an adaptive culture development program.
  • Strategic narrative development for boards and leadership teams.
  • Professional development for executive teams and school staff.
  • Program facilitator.

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Dave provided a one-day workshop for our team on leading an adaptive culture and the characteristics of adaptive schools. In a world of increasing change and volatility, leaders need to be innovative and agile in being able to adapt to deal with challenges and opportunities presented. The program provided the team with the opportunity to explore what is working and what is inhibiting change across our 60 schools and to refine the capacities we want to embed and integrate across our system.

I would recommend the workshop to other schools and systems.

Leadership & System Improvement, Catholic Schools Office

I just wanted to say that you are talking about all my favorite things! I love how you are bringing things into a coherent framework. 

I would recommend the workshop to other schools and systems.

Principal, St Mary's College 

Dave Runge

About Dave

Dave is passionate about self-authorship and co-constructed education, and imagines a world of purpose-filled, empowered learning. With extensive knowledge in Foresight, Culture and Innovation, Dave has worked alongside Schools, Universities, and Education Departments to implement innovation and enable change.

Through Adaptive Edge, Dave works closely with Principals and executive leadership teams across Australia and overseas who need support in bringing to life some of the most innovative practices and spaces in education today.

Reach out to David at: