We support educators and schools to innovate, explore and promote future-focused education.

We do this by building a co-evolved membership community that

connects like-minded educators from across Australia and overseas.

Peter Hutton

Why you should become a member

If you’re like some of our leaders in our learning community, you recognise the challenge of finding time to:

  • expand your network, 
  • to get out of your school and connect with other innovators, and  
  • to stay up to date with and at the forefront of future-focused schooling

Or perhaps you are looking for:

  • examples of how others implemented innovation but don’t know where to start?
  • are looking for an innovation framework but don’t know the good from the bad 
  • or maybe you're looking to see what’s happening in schools across Australia in real-time

Or maybe you need cost-effective ways to:

  • Develop your staff and teachers
  • Build capacity in your staff to bring about change that will last
  • Make sure your strategy lands

Our Future Schools membership allows our staff to see and hear about how other schools are increasing student agency, building capacity in their staff and students, and taking risks to move their communities forward.  We love having the opportunity to connect and network with so many future-focused educators!"