Fsa Final Momentum Series

The Momentum Series is a cultural evolution and innovation framework uniquely designed to support educators who are leading cultural change. Crafted to guide leaders and orientate their change journey, the framework is flexible and honours the unique context of every learning environment. The series allows your team to accelerate momentum; amplify leadership impact, and explore, evolve, and transform your learning community at a speed determined by you.

A collection of twelve action learning modules; informed by research, case studies and practice, the Momentum Series is designed to support leaders to build a flexible and ever evolving Adaptive Culture in their organisation. Each workshop contains specific learnings and suggested actions to assist the leadership group to create and maintain momentum during their transformation journey.

Intentionally flexible, the Momentum Series can be delivered onsite or online. Although we strongly recommend embracing the full series to ensure continuity of your journey, there is capacity to undertake a deep dive into any of the modules and have a facilitator deliver a workshop that allows the leadership team or broader community to contextually explore that area.

We all know that a lack of organisational capacity and alignment has the potential to inhibit cultural change, leading to confusion and frustration. It is our strong belief that the challenges and opportunities ahead in education are best embraced by leaders who see their change journey as a series of targeted cultural interventions. Therefore, the Momentum Series was developed to enable purpose and strategy as well as to provide direction, clarity and tools required to build Adaptive Capacity. The series will guide you to craft a culture of consciousness that will enable you to realise your vision.

Collaborating with some of the world’s most innovative educators, our team has the practical knowhow and deep understanding of how to guide cultural evolution. We hold a view that people develop through exploration, experience, and reflection, therefore our team is continually refining their practice in relationship with global educational leaders. Having experienced the challenges and complexity of leading change in educational settings ourselves, and fully appreciating the sense of personal responsibility and at times uncertainty that such roles bring, we are uniquely placed to partner with educational leaders who are on a journey to deliberately develop adaptive learning cultures that better respond to our dynamic and fast changing world.

If you’re committed to innovation and cultural evolution that enables all learners to explore their holistic potential, we invite you to join the many schools who are using the Momentum Series framework to guide their unique change journey.

For those committed to innovation and cultural evolution in education.

David Runge

Director of Culture and Innovation

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