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Future Proof by Peter Hutton

July 27, 2020

I sometimes almost vomit when I read school websites, and in my current role I do quite a bit of that. In scouring the world for cutting edge innovation, I track down leads that emerge from Google searches, such as Innovation awards lists and referrals from colleagues. The reason for my repulsion is the use…

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Hidden gems by Nicola Forrest

July 24, 2020

Hidden gems: exploring STEM across the curriculum. Have you ever thought about STEM in relation to a colony of bees and their hive? How about the operations of aquaponics? Perhaps you recognise STEM in the development of a clay sculpture, the pyramids of ancient Egypt, an automated non-contact timer for hand-washing or in the baking…

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T-1000 by Jill Fitzsimons

July 16, 2020

T-1000 by Jill Fitzsimons Director of Professional Learning and Partnerships at Marcellin College. When I need a bit of inspiration to keep going as a teacher and leader, I think of Terminator 2: Judgement Day’s antagonist, T-1000, the shapeshifting android assassin. Despite being pumped with bullets from the 12 gauge Winchester shotgun of T-800 (played…

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Not merely a response to a crisis by Nikki Kirkup

May 26, 2020

Not merely a response to a crisis; an opportunity to redesign our future. By Nikki Kirkup: Deputy Principal at The Knox School Many times over the last few weeks we have heard reference to the “unprecedented times” in which we have been navigating; we have witnessed entire organisations and industries pivot, seemingly overnight, to adjust…

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Standardised Testing: by Jen Buchanan

May 14, 2020

Standardised Testing… is it worth it? by Jen Buchanan Standardised assessment is a topic that attracts controversy and divides both scholarly and non-scholarly opinion across the globe. 2 Some raise concerns about the integrity of a system that ranks students only leads to grade inflation. Others argue that grading students leads to psychological harm. 3…

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Education done differently by Jen Buchanan

April 14, 2020

I often tell the story of an experience I had whilst living in India. It is early one morning and I’m heading to the markets in Calcutta to go buy some fruit. On my walk I pass a group of young children sitting on the side of the street. They are filthy, barefooted and wearing scraps…

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Culture Change by David Runge

April 1, 2020

Culture Change by David Runge. Our observations about school transformation is that much of the learning required for a school to evolve is of an adaptive nature, that is it requires mental models, world-views and ways of working to be reimagined alongside other complex changes.  One of the key challenges we see is that many schools…

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Shifting the conversation from the 21st Century skills

February 28, 2019

In recent discussions about shifting the conversation from 21st Century skills towards a deeper understanding of the capacities young people need in a changing world, we found ourselves contemplating imagination, intuition, complexity and practical wisdom. What if schooling was set up to incorporate these elements – or even to allow them to be central to…

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